Acca Kappa Barbershop Shaving Soap 250ml

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Acca Kappa Barbershop Shaving Soap 250ml 

Acca Kappa Shaving Soap Barber Shop Collection 250ml. A soft and smooth shaving soap that creates a rich lather. Its formula is extremely gentle on the skin. It is enriched with allantoin, emollient and revitalising agents such as ginseng oil and prickly pear that is rich in Vitamin C. It also contains high levels glycerine. The thick lather lubricates the skin thus facilitating the action of the razor creating a closer shave. It also helps to avoid skin irritation.

It contains NO: SLS – Parabens – Silicones – Isothiazolinone – No petroleum derived ingredients – GMO’s. Dermatologically tested.

It has a fresh minty aroma that leaves the skin felling refreshed and toned.

Country of origin: Italy