Beardbrand Moustache comb

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Beardbrand Moustache comb

The Beardbrand comb, made by Kent, is one of the finest combs on the market. You may be wondering what makes our comb different than anything else you see in the drug store — well, it comes down to the attention to detail. These combs are handmade, not like cheap combs which are simply molded plastic.

This comb starts its life as a blank canvas, and each tooth is sawcut into place. After the teeth are cut, the craftsmen polish them for a buttery smooth finish. While plastic-molded combs are left with jagged edges that can result in split ends, the refined polish of Kent combs will glide right through your moustache.

This little bastard is our moustache comb and absolutely tiny and awesome. It contains all fine teeth and it slides through your 'stache. While it may be a couple dollars more expensive than a cheap comb - it's well worth it for something you'll use every day.

Country of origin: USA