Captain Fawcett Moisturizer Expedition Reserve 50ml

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Captain Fawcett Moisturizer Expedition Reserve 50ml

Captain Fawcett’s 'Expedition Reserve' Moisturiser is an elegant salve, richly formulated with a fresh subtle scent to leave skin feeling silky smooth. Infused with vitamin extracts & plant based nutrients to help eliminate toxins, keeping a chap’s complexion clear & in tip top health. Perfect for layering with companion 'Expedition Reserve' essentials in readiness for adventure.

Whether manning the research stations of Antarctica or sitting through yet another ruddy Zoom in one’s parlour, a decent hydrating cream deflects environmental irritants. And what’s more, it’s never too late to start chaps!

For superb hydration, dispense a small dab of this most efficacious cream & smooth into face & neck each morning and/or at night. Allow to be fully absorbed as a little goes a splendidly long way. Suitable for all skin types.

Country of origin: Great Britain