Captain Fawcett socks

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Captain Fawcett socks

Famed across the globe for maintaining a Stiff Upper Lip in the face of adversity, Captain Fawcett now lifts his trousers on the hidden secret, for his renowned public pluck is fortified by the private pleasure of having splendidly comfortable feet at all times.

Such is the undoubted contentment of enrobing one’s toes in this, his preferred hosiery, that the Captain has generously chosen to share in surely the softest socks available to the known world!

Resplendent in gold & racing green with a delightful moustache motif, Fawcett’s Bamboo Socks are thermo regulating, moisture managing & odour resistant so one’s feet stay dry, fresh & fragrant whether tramping through the Norfolk Fens, or the backwoods of ruddy Nova Scotia.

Country of origin: Great Britain