Dick Johnson Beard & Face Spray 50ml

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Dick Johnson Beard & Face Spray 50ml

The stuff of gods, now also available to mere mortals. Dick Johnson thought their skin cream needed an upgrade, so they created God Spray, an easier-to-use skin product. It has a calming effect on the skin, it reduces swelling and moisturizes your face effectively. You can use the product either as a spray or you can spread it with your hands. Remember to take a deep breath because the Dick Johnson Signature Scent combined with these divine herbs works wonders as a stress reliever.

Cornflower – Reduces signs of tiredness as well as itching and swelling on the face.

Organic Orange Blossom Water – A natural ingredient that has a relaxing effect. It helps renew skin cells and repair the skin’s structure. A well-known, natural stress reliever.

Hyaluronic acid – A fountain of youth. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that’s being naturally produced by our bodies. It provides moisture and nourishment, and it also makes the skin look younger.

Country of origin: Finland