Dick Johnson Body Spray 225ml

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Dick Johnson Body Spray 225ml

Dick Johnson’s body spray is designed to be a light everyday fragrance for the days you don’t want to use a strong perfume. Body spray is a great choice to use both before training and after training as a refresher

We wanted to include some extra features to the Body Spray, so we added natural moisturizing ingredients to the scent (cornflower, orange flower water & hyaluronic acid). This way, the product moisturizes your skin while you get to enjoy Dick Johnson’s Signature Scent.

We recommend keeping the product in the fridge, especially during the summer. This will give you an extra refreshing cool-down. The product works greatly on hangover mornings, too.

  • Size: 225ml
  • Dick Johnson’s Signature Scent Whiskey & Vanilla
  • Contains: cornflower, orange flower water & hyaluronic acid

Country of origin: Finland