Dick Johnson Skincare Kit

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Dick Johnson Skincare Kit

As the name implies, CORE focuses on the crux of any skincare problems at a glance! The Core Skincare Kit contains a Face Wash and Face Cream that are formulated with skin strengthening Phyto Black & Organic Berry Complex. The black dye, anthocyanin, is a component that gives berries a dark purple, red and blue color and is known to act as a powerful antioxidant on our skin. It is also known as a more effective antioxidant of flavonoids and can help relieve allergies and inflammation on the skin. The Berry Complex provides skin brightening and antioxidant effects with vitamins and anti-aging properties.

CORE products are straightforward and faithful to Dick Johnson's style! The CORE product range includes high-quality and effective products for daily use. Fresh citrus scent. Vegan.

Kit includes:

  • Face Wash 75ml
  • Face Cream 50ml

Country of origin: Finland