Dick Johnson Bald Cream 50ml

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Dick Johnson Bald Cream 50ml

Dick Johnson Bald Cream is a caring cream for bald scalp. CRÈME LA CHAUVE contains an amino acid compound that cares for the scalp and gives it energy and Intensive moisture. We recommend you to use the cream every day. The cream will also work as a skin barrier if you apply it before you shave with a razor. Moisturizing the scalp leads to less dandruff, less scalp dryness, and fewer signs of aging, giving the skin a healthy appearance.

Apply a generous amount of Bald Cream on your (bald) skin every day and after every shower. Also, use a little amount of the cream as skin barrier when shaving.

Strengthens your skin and gives it energy and intensive moisture.
Contains an amino acid compound

Country of origin: Finland