Edwin Jagger razor Closed Comb Knurled Chromed

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Edwin Jagger razor Closed Comb Knurled Chromed

The Edwin Jagger Chrome Knurled DE Razor is new for 2014 and is characterised by it's unique, knurled handle with neat and precise grooves that create a beautiful effect and enhanced wet grip. The precision DE head, featured across the full Edwin Jagger DE range, creates an accurate shaving line while both weight and balance give this immaculate design the edge over its competition. These fabulous, much talked about, DE razors are fitted with a precision Edwin Jagger DE blade head, a favourite amongst experienced wet shavers. The closed comb head is expertly engineered and is finished with high quality chrome plate.

Warning: Do not over tighten the DE head. Cast metal is fragile if dropped.

Dimensions: Handle Length 85mm(3.4in) Total Length 93mm(3.7in)

All are hand-assembled & finished in the Edwin Jagger factory, Sheffield and come delivered in New 2014 presentation packaging.

Country of origin: United Kingdom