Floid Aftershave balm 125ml

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Floid Aftershave balm 125ml

  • Fast-absorbing, non-greasy balm.
  • Lightweight texture that leaves skin without a sticky feel.
  • Cooling, soothing effect.
  • Moisturises skin.

Floid Aftershave Balm is a refreshing and cooling cream based aftershave. Moisturises and soothes the skin after shaving. Particularly well suited to sensitive skin and to reduce razor burn or post shave irritation. Contains Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea extract and Wheatgerm. 

After shaving rinse the skin thoroughly with cold water. Apply a liberal amount of Aftershave Balm to the palms of the hand and gently massage into the shaved area to sooth and cool the skin. Massage in well and then allow the skin to dry. Once dry, apply the secne to fyour choice.

Country of origin: Spain