Golden Beards Tattoo Butter 100ml

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Golden Beards Tattoo Butter 100ml

Golden Beards Tattoo Butter - is developed as a natural lubricant to replace the oil used in the tattoo repair process; it is the # 1 brand among tattoo aftercare products among artists and high-value clients if inflammation and swelling of the skin occur.

As the next chapter on tattoo aftercare, Golden Beards Tattoo Butter is the perfect complement to your daily skincare routine, providing instant relief from dry, cracked skin and leaving you soft and well-groomed every day. 

Before applying the Tattoo Butter to the new tattoo for the first time, gently wash the tattoo with warm water (without soap). Air dry or gently dry with a paper towel. Apply a thin layer of Tattoo Butter with clean hands and repeat this procedure at least three times a day. Since the structure of our Butter is thicker than the cream, try painting it or painting it on a tattoo (warm the body for a while) and then rub it gently.

Like all our products, this is handmade, 100% Vegan, Organic, and Natural.

Country of origin: Denmark