Golden Beards Vegan Beard brush

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Golden Beards Vegan Beard brush

For all Bearded Vegan Friends, Golden Beards created a special Vegan Beard Brush for you and your beard!! Vegan Travel Beard Brush has all natural bristles which are made from oiled Tampico cactus fiber from the Agave lechuguilla Plant located in the deserts of Mexico.

Vegan Beard Brush ergonomic hand design allows it to sit comfortably in the hand while creating and brushing your waves with ease. Vegan Beard Brush is Cruelty-Free, Eco-friendly and Vegan alternative to using Boar Bristle wave brushes. 

Just use warm water and mild liquid soap to remove dirt and hair. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and place in the open air to dry. Vegan Brush Travel Size is completely handcrafted and made with pear wood.

What is Tampico? Tampico is a natural vegetable fiber derived from the Agave Lechuguilla plant (Ixtle), growing in the dry highlands of northern Mexico. This natural fiber has exceptional characteristics such as very good elasticity and resistance to chemicals. Liquids absorption and retention is another characteristic of this fiber, which can absorb water more than 65% of its weight releasing it while working.


The material used for this type of brush is grey Tampico fiber – a natural plant fiber. The reason to use this material was to find a natural based and vegan material.

But of course, this material has different attributes than regular boar bristles. The main difference is the bending stiffness of the filament. A boar bristle will ‘stand up’ again in the original position very easily and for many repeated usages. If you bent the plant fiber to the extreme and maybe in combination with water/humidity the fiber will not ‘stand up’ again alone in the original position. That is why the brushes could look like bent after the usage.

Golden Beards recommends pushing the bristles back into the original position after the use. This will help to solve this problem, and you will be able to keep using it.*

Beard Brush size:

135 x 30 x 22 mm

Country of origin: Denmark