Hey Joe Hair pomade Black 100ml

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Hey Joe! Genuine Hair Pomade Black Deluxe is our solution for those who want something different from the rest.

Thanks to the combination of colorants incorporated in its formula, Black Deluxe helps to partially cover white hair and makes your hair look really young and stunning. On black or dark hair Black Deluxe intensifies the natural tone of the hair giving it shine and a high hold.

Black Deluxe water-based formulation is removed with a simple rinse. The colour effect is temporary and disappears with washing.

100 ml. | 3,38 fl.oz.

How to use: For best results, use this product on dry hair. Take a small amount with your fingers and rub it into the palms of your hands before applying it to your hair. If you want a darker tone, always repeat this operation in small amounts. Extend it to the desired shape and use a comb for a more defined result. If you want a more intense shine for your hairstyle, spray a small amount of water on it once finished.