Hey Joe Hair Pomade DUO 100ml

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Hey Joe Hair Pomade DUO 100ml 

The new and original Genuine Hair Pomade Duo by HEY JOE! combines the best of two worlds in one package…

On the one hand, you have two of your favourite products in the same jar to give your hair the style you want depending on the occasion: Super Strong, for a shiny finish with extra-strong hold and Matte for a medium hold with a very natural, non-shiny result.

On the other hand, and this is where the true power of this product is hidden, our Pomade Duo allows you to combine Super Strong and Matte to mix them together and obtain fascinating textures never seen before. Combine them together and find your perfect mixture.

Another aspect to highlight are its olfactive notes… The combination of its two fragrances blends into a unique and unmistakable aroma magistrally delicious.

As always Genuine Hair Pomade Duo is removed with a simple rinse and leaves no residue on your hair.

Country of origin: Spain