Kuninghabe Beard Kit

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Kuninghabe Beard Kit

Beard kit includes:

  • Kuninghabe Gift bag
  • Kuninghabe Beard Oil Lumberman 30ml
  • Kuninghabe Beard Comb wide tooth

Kuninghabe Beard oil Lumberman 30ml

Lumberman Beard Oil is made from natural ingredients. Beard oil helps to moisturize beard and skin beneath. Beard oil helps to remove dandruff and itching of the beard. Argan oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E nourish the hair and and helps skin cells to regenerate. 

Lumberman Beard Oil has a pleasant woody aroma. Woody aroma accompanies the beard throughout the day. The aroma represents a father or grandfather returning home from a sawmill or forest after a long day at work. Beard oil has top notes of citrus, orange and bergamot. Masculine cypress, spicy black pepper and cinnamon forms its heat notes. Base notes are represented by cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver.

Kuninghabe Beard comb Wide tooth

The material used in the construction of Kuninghabe combs is a shop made multi ply core. This is a custom designed material that is unique. 5 layers of wood with varying thicknesses has been used to obtain the strongest material possible. Each layer of wood has it's grain oriented 90 degrees to the other to form a cross bonded material that is both stronger and more stable than a single piece of timber.  A great comb can only be made from great raw materials.