Kuninghabe Shaving Kit

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Kuninghabe Shaving Kit

Beard kit includes:

  • Kuninghabe Gift bag
  • Kuninghabe DE razor
  • Kuninghabe Shaving Brush Badger
  • Kuninghabe Shaving soap "Stronghold"

Kuninghabe Safety razor

Kuninghabe safety razor is a double edge razor that fits all classic razor blades. Kuninghabe safety razor helps to reduce ingrown hairs. The "razor head" has been developed by experts and finished with high quality chrome. The lightweight handle is made from Black coloured polyester with chrome plated parts.

Kuninghabe Badger hair Shaving brush

Kuninghabe shaving brush is made from natural Badger hair. The material is recognizable by its relatively dark colouring. The individual hairs are somewhat thicker, but still soft and flexible. This quality is highly recommended for those wishing to take a badger hair brush that provides a slightly stronger massage effect.

Kuninghabe Shaving soap "Stronghold"