Meissner Tremonia After Shave Strong´n Scottish 100ml

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Meissner Tremonia After Shave Strong´n Scottish 100ml 

Aftershave with the best ingredients: pure organic alcohol instead of chemically denatured alcohol, extracts of organic witch hazel and organic eucalyptus from our own production and organic glycerine as a treat for the skin after the shave. The after shave reduces the pH value of the skin after shaving, closes the pores and has an antibacterial effect. Organic witch hazel and eucalyptus extracts soothe the skin and have anti-inflammatory effects. Organic glycerine provides moisture, protects against dehydration and reduces irritation. Pure organic alcohol has a refreshing, cleansing, blood circulation and pore-constricting effect on the skin. 

Pure natural essential oils:
Meissner only uses natural, essential oils of the best quality for scenting.

Country of origin: Germany