Mr Bear Family Hair pomade Original 100ml

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Mr Bear Family Hair pomade Original 100ml

An "unorthodox" pomade with the qualities of an oil-based pomade but with the benefit of an easier washability since it is water-based. A styling product with naturally nutritious ingredients that provides texture, medium shine and gives a natural look. Works for all hair types and can be used on its own, as a pre-styler or as a finishing product. Medium hold & Shine. Re-stylable throughout the day. Free from PVP, VP/VA and silicones.

Scent: Has a fresh top of citrus and exotic fruits with a heart of apple and geranium landing in a warm base of vanilla and guaiac wood.

Usage: Work a small amount between palms and apply to damp/dry hair. Use comb or fingers to style.

Wash out: Unlike oil-based pomade, you can easily wash it out with water as this is a water-based product.

Country of origin: Sweden