Mr Bear Family Parfume Golden Ember 50ml

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Mr Bear Family Parfume Golden Ember 50ml

At the heart of Golden Ember there are two things: the signature ingredients and the fragrance. What we are focusing on here is the second one: The fragrance. When Mr Bear worked on it, he looked for a classic yet personal scent. Something that would evoke that warm feeling of an old library with an open fireplace while keeping one foot in the wild – as is tradition at Mr Bear Family.

It starts off in a light smoky place and carefully moves through noble wooden accords, pleasantly surprising you along each corner, before rounding off in a carefully curated world of spicy, oriental nuances.

  • Top: Smoky, Tea, Cassis
  • Heart: Oliban, Vanilla, Tobacco Leaves
  • Base: Noble Wood, Amber, Leather

Country of origin: Sweden