Phoenix Artisan Shaving Brush Amber Aero Lite

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Phoenix Artisan Shaving Brush Amber Aero Lite 

Not only is this brush a loose homage or reimagining to a mysterious brush from the past, it's also an homage to Autumn itself! The festive flecks & tones of amber in the handle truly do seem like a celebration of the harvest season come to life!

Brush has new hybrid knot, The Stygian Synth! The shape is replica of Erskine B-200.

  • Complete Length: 123mm
  • Width at Widest point: 41mm
  • Width and Shortest point: 29mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Knot: 24mm
  • Loft Ht: 55mm
  • Handle Material: Acrylic 

Country of origin: USA