Proraso Tin box for Talcum powder

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Proraso Tin box for Talcum powder

This Tin Box for powder is a simple yet essential accessory. This will change your everyday shaving routine.

Made in brushed aluminium, it ensures a long-lasting useable life, as it is resistant to continuous use in a damp environment. Its 600ml size means that it does not need to be refilled very often. It is very easy to refill as you only need to take the lid and the filter off and add the talcum powder of your choice. Once closed again, it is ready to be used. It is a reusable product.

The talcum powder give an excellent feeling after shaving, as well as a light classic scent that you can find in the traditional barber shops. The metallic tin is a simple option, as it can be refilled with any talcum powder on the market. It will also give your barbershop a touch of style that will not go unnoticed.

Country of origin: Italy