Raedical Moustache balm Rocker 4,25g

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Raedical Moustache balm Rocker 4,25g

Rocker is the lightest and softest member of our Four cross family.

Unlike the IP66 and Camber waxes, Rocker is really more of a balm, not intended so much for shaping, but rather forming and nurturing your mustache and giving it that healthy natural style look.

Rocker is a light hold and 100% natural mustache balm made from the finest and highest quality bees wax, shea butter and lanolin.

Rocker comes in a handy BFA free and 100% recyclable stick and a handmade walnut wooden casing for an extra radical experience!

The small and convenient design enables better pocket fit which keeps the wax warmer and easier to apply.

Country of origin: Slovenia