Razorock Shaving Soap Black Bay 150ml

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Razorock Shaving Soap Black Bay 150ml

Ever since RazoRock stopped producing the Captain's Choice Bay Rum shaving soap, they've been getting dozens of requests every month for a new bay rum soap. The problem is, they are not fans of clove-y scents nor can their skin tolerate a lot of cinnamon in a soap or aftershave.

For the last two years, they been experimenting with different bay rums and in the spring of 2017 it finally hit them, why not produce a scent that is heavy is natural bay laurel extract and very light in spice. Razorock tested a few variations and fell in love with this one. Natural bay laurel has a sweet scent with just a touch of spice in the backdrop. This is a bay leaf scent for guys that typically aren't fans of American style bay rums. It's one of those scents where the more you use it, the more you can't go without it.

To make this soap even more special, they have added Vegetable Charcoal to the formula, which is great for detoxifying and re-energizing your skin. Don't get scared with you open the jar, because this soap is a deep green color and probably something you've never seen before.

RazoRock shaving cream soaps are best used with a traditional shaving brush; if you are new to wet shaving, be sure to check out our RazoRock Plissoft brushes, they offer incredible value and performance.

Country of origin: Canada