Razorock Shaving Soap The Stallion 150ml

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Razorock Shaving Soap The Stallion 150ml

This shaving soap is named for Razorock´s friend Anthony Esposito, also known as “The Stallion” in the traditional wet shaving community.  There are a few reasons why they created this soap.  The lessor reason is because Anthony turned Razorock onto Oud scents.  Before I they Anthony, they had no clue what an “Oud” was, but his ‘shave of the day’ pictures displaying his bottle of AdP Colonia Intensa Oud, sent (no pun intended) them searching out this fragrance.  Like Anthony, Razorock instantly fell in love with the scent but man o man, $210 for a 3.4oz bottle ain’t very affordable!

The real reason why Razorock created this Stallion soap is because Anthony’s passion, positive vibes and energy are an inspiration to them.  The guy is always going out of his way to help new wet shavers in the community, whether it be sending them generous samples of expensive product or giving them helpful straight shaving tips with his youtube videos. The guy is successful, both personally and professionally because he understands the first rule of success… GRATITUDE! 

The scent of this shaving soap was inspired by AdP Oud.  Although not identical to AdP, Razorock thinks it’s a contender and  think guys are going to truly love it! 

Country of origin: Canada