Reuzel Beard Foam 70ml

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Reuzel Beard Foam 70ml 

The Reuzel Beard Foam is a conditioner especially for the beard that is easy to use and at the same time very economical due to its foamy consistency. It penetrates the skin and hair completely, therefore it does not need to be washed out. The hair is nourished and moisturized from root to end, gets strength and nice volume.

The scent is pleasant, clean and fresh and reminds of a tangy men's soap.

Directions: Dispense one pump (at first, since it is very economical) of Reuzel Beard Foam in the palm, spread it between the hands and massage it evenly from root to end into the beard. Also massage it into the skin. That's it. After a few minutes the foam is absorbed and grooms hair and skin.
Note: The beard feels groomed and soft after the applying the foam, yet it feels a little dry. For perfect care it is advisable to use a beard balm afterwards. Of course, the Reuzel Beard Balm fits best.

Country of origin: Netherlands