Timor DE Razor Closed Comb

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Timor DE Razor Closed Comb

1920 Timor® segment stands for superior quality. This applies to the material used, all finishes and the shaving comfort. The solid handle (no hollow handle) ensures a balanced weight to enable a better shave. You do not have to exert any pressure on your skin when shaving, which avoids irritation. With just one stroke, you can shave very gently and thoroughly compared to multi-blade systems. The supplied Timor® razor blade does not protrude from the short sides of the razor head, so our Safety Razor promises safe and practical handling.

The razor blade that can be used on both sides (Double Edge Blade) shaves the beard or body hair in just one stroke. This avoids skin irritation or ingrown hairs, unlike with multi-blade systems.

The blades in a safety razor can be changed just as easily and safely. First, the razor blade must be removed from the wax paper so that you have free access to the razor blade. The razor head consists of 2 parts. Now unscrew the razor head, please hold both ends. Now you can insert the razor blade on the cover plate with the thread. If this happens, replace the shaving plate and screw it tight.

Country of origin: Germany