Uncle´s Lubricant 100ml

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Uncle´s Lubricant 100ml 

Sometimes you are so fucking horny that you skip foreplay, and spitting is not snazzy. This is why Uncle always carries strawberry-scented Intimate Moisturizer with him. 

This sex oil enables you to drill any hole as intensively as a Norwegian drills in the ocean or a sheik in the desert. 

This stuff is so slick that a wet salmon resembles a sandpaper and banana peels on the ground are the same as anti-slip socks. Fuck, it’s like Bambi on ice! 

Speaking of getting laid, that’s what this oil is for. Mix it with a rod or scissor around, it doesn’t matter. Lube a dick, a dildo, a rectum, a pussy, a zucchini or whatever. Maybe skip the pastry dough. Or whatever. Yeah, maybe skip that one.  

Note! The lube is a great fit for wankers, too. Leave the wanking for home environment, however, do it somewhere hidden. Not in a jogging path behind a tree, or in front of one, or in a bush… Fuck, do not wank in public areas. Don’t wank in other’s private property, either. Fuck, how did it end up like this. 

  • Size: 100ml
  • Water-based lube
  • Strawberry-scented 
  • A quick cap that can be opened with one hand

Country of origin: Finland