Uncle´s Hangover Effervescent Tablets

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Uncle´s Hangover Effervescent Tablets

With darkness, there must be light. With bad, there must be good. With hangovers, there must be a cure…

Who else would be able to create this elixir of life, other than Dick Johnson?! Formulated to help to reduce the effects of heavy drinking on a Monday night and bursting with a delicious full cranberry flavor, this supplement will help to restore the body back to its natural balance, ready for you to go partying again the next day!! I won’t lie to you… Here at Dick Johnson, we’ve tried and tested, and we’re never going back to relying on just Pizza and Porn to help with our headaches.

To use: Pop 2 tablets into your favorite drinking cup and allow to dissolve in 400ml of water. Drink that to the last drop and wake up ready to Rock n Roll!!

Country of origin: Finland