1.Scope and validity of terms and conditions

1.1. These terms and conditions apply to legal relations between all persons and BRANWEN OÜ, the owner of purchasing environment (hereinafter called the Kuninghabe e-shop), which arise from the purchase of products from the e-shop.
1.2. In addition to these terms and conditions, the legal relations arising from the purchase of the Kuninghabe e-shop’s products are governed by the existing legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
1.3. BRANWEN OÜ has the right to change these terms and conditions and the right to change and amend the price list according to sales campaigns and development of the Kuninghabe e-shop. The changes of terms and conditions and the price list become effective upon publishing the changes on the website If you placed your order before the changes in terms and conditions became effective, prices which were valid during the placement of order apply, unless otherwise specified by these terms and conditions or in the legislation.

2.Placing an order

2.1. First, we kindly ask you to register as a customer of the Kuninghabe e-shop, by using the “Log in” link. Register as a new user and fill in all required fields (marked by an asterisk). Purchases can also be made without registration. In that case, information shall be entered before making the purchase.

2.2. In case you are a registered user, select your address from the drop-down menu to enter your information automatically.

2.3. As an unregistered user, you must enter information into recipient of the invoice fields. By checking the box present there (Recipient of the invoice and the goods are the same), information will be entered automatically into the recipient of the goods fields.

2.4. After seeing the registration confirmation message, select “My Account” (upper right corner of the page) and fill in all the fields. Use the field “Save” to save information.
2.5. In case you are a loyal customer or a recurring user, your information has been saved in the Kuninghabe e-shop and only your e-mail address and password are required to reach your account.
2.6. You are now ready to start shopping in the Kuninghabe e-shop. If you do not register, you may start shopping immediately, since registration is not required. If you find a suitable product, use the field “Add to cart” and your shopping cart appears in the upper right corner of the page, showing the current value of your purchase.
2.7. If you want to purchase more than one unit of a product, replace the number 1 (the quantity will always be 1 by default) in the “Quantity” field of the cart with a suitable number (for example 2, which means that you will purchase 2 units or 2 sets). The change of quantity shall be confirmed by using the field “Save the changes of quantity”.
2.8. If you want to continue shopping, navigate back into the shop menu and start selecting more products.
2.9. In case the product in the cart is wrong or unsuitable, it can be removed from the cart using the red cross behind the name of the product in the cart.
2.10. Once your order is complete, click the “Order” button. After that you need to enter required information (marked by a red asterisk) and select a delivery option. After you have made your selection, you must read and agree with the terms and conditions (by checking the box). Click the “Submit order” button. You will then be directed to the payment centre, where you can select a suitable bank and pay for your purchase. After making the payment, click the button “Return to merchant” to receive an invoice on your e-mail address. If you do not click on the button, you have still paid for your purchase but you will not receive the confirmation by e-mail. The order will be processed anyway.
2.11. Delivery costs shall be paid by BRANWEN OÜ for deliveries within Estonia if the order value is 50 EUR or more. If the order value reaches 50 EUR, the cart in the Kuninghabe e-shop will automatically display 0 EUR for delivery costs.
2.12. We kindly ask you to be very careful while determining a region while selecting the delivery option in the cart, since it may affect the delivery costs.
2.13. After that you will receive an automatic reply from the Kuninghabe e-shop by e-mail which confirms that BRANWEN OÜ has received your order.

2.14. A contract of sale for the product(s) is deemed to be completed upon making a payment in the payment centre.


3. Orders

3.1. The invoice will be sent to your e-mail address.
3.2. Your order will be cancelled if the amount of the purchase price is not paid in 14 days.


4. Delivery
4.1. If you have paid for your order in the payment centre (from Mon to Fri) before or at 2 PM at the latest, your order will be shipped on the same day.

4.2. If you selected the domestic standard parcel service offered by Eesti Post (maximum weight of the order shall not exceed 20 kg), the recipient can collect the parcel after two working days from the day of shipping if the amount of the purchase price has arrived on BRANWEN OÜ’s bank account before 2 PM. Standard parcels are issued to the customer against a signature. The customer will receive a parcel notice in the mail and based on that the parcel will be issued to the recipient from a post office specified in the notice. Standard parcels can be tracked. The parcel shall be stored in the post office for 14 calendar days from the arrival in the post office. After that, the parcel is returned to sender.
4.3. If you selected domestic Itella/Smartpost parcel terminal service, the order will be issued from a parcel terminal of the customer’s choosing in Estonia on the next working day (except for Kärdla parcel terminal) if the amount of the purchase price has arrived on BRANWEN OÜ’s bank account before 2 PM. Upon the parcel’s arrival in the parcel terminal a text message with parcel terminal’s location, opening times and a personal door code will be sent to customer’s mobile phone. By entering the code using touch screen of the parcel terminal, a locker door will open and the customer receives the parcel. The parcels are stored free of charge in SmartPOST parcel terminals for 7 calendar days from the time the text message was sent to the customer’s mobile phone. After that, the parcel is returned to the sender.

5. Cancellations and returns

5.1. You have the right to cancel your order after paying for your purchase but before the shipment of products (we usually ship in 2–12 hours) by sending a corresponding notice, including the order confirmation number and your bank account number to the Kuninghabe e-shop’s e-mail address
5.2. After receipt of the products, you have 14 days to examine the products. If the purchased goods are not suitable for whatever reason, you have the opportunity to return the product(s) or replace them with another product or other products in 14 days by sending a corresponding notice which must include the order confirmation number and your bank account number to the Kuninghabe e-shop’s e-mail address BRANWEN OÜ products can only be returned or replaced if the product is unused, in its original packaging and the packaging is undamaged.
5.3. In the event of return of products according to clause 5.2., the amount of purchase price (including delivery costs) will be returned to you in 30 days from the receipt of the notice of your wish to return the product. The customer shall bear the delivery costs up to 10 euro for the return of product(s). If the product has been used, is not in its original packaging or the packaging is damaged, BRANWEN OÜ will not accept the return and will send the product back to the customer.
5.4. If the reason for the return is a shipment of wrong product(s) by BRANWEN OÜ, the amount of the purchase price and return shipping costs will be compensated by BRANWEN OÜ in 30 days from the receipt of the notice of your wish to return the product.

6. Other conditions

6.1. All personal data about customers that has been obtained in the process of visiting the Kuninghabe e-shop and placing the orders shall be treated as confidential data.
6.2. Matters not covered by these terms and conditions shall be governed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.