Razorock Shaving Brush Synthetic Big Red

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Razorock Shaving Brush Synthetic Big Red

Many were commenting on the classic look of a red on black Ferrari, how it never gets old, a true classic color combination representing elegance and passion. This is when the idea for the F-400 brush was born! We decided to go big with the F-400, a statement brush... combining a rosso corsa ("racing red") resin handle with our luxurious Noir Plissoft synthetic fibers. We could not be more thrilled with the execution and the finished product and we hope you agree too!

This is an XXL sized brush, a 34 mm diameter knot, great for both head lathering and face lathering, it also makes a great display brush for your shave den or in a barbershop.

Weight: ~158 grams

Total Height: ~151 mm

Handle Height: ~86 mm

Knot Size: 34 mm x 65 mm

Country of origin: Canada